Confidence casts a longer shadow

Have you ever thought about the relationship between the clothes you are wearing and the way you are feeling? Can your attire influence the way you approach your daily activities? Strangely enough, our confidence is enhanced when we know that we are dressed appropriately for a given situation.

The human psyche considers clothes an extension of the body as our subconscious does not differentiate between our body parts and the clothes we wear. This results in our mind creating differing pictures of our self according to chosen attire, and it’s these confusions that affect our confidence as any change to the way we are perceived has a direct impact to our confidence.

When you dress accordingly you feel more confident. For style, for comfort, for fashion, feeling good about what you are wearing can significantly influence events or others but most importantly YOU!

Recognise the power of your clothes in a realistic sense, only your perception of reality determines your level of confidence.

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