Baby Ballet

GlobalDance are excited to announce the launch of our latest products for the tiny dance enthusiast, when it’s still just about looking cute.

Our Baby Ballet ensemble consists of a leotard, tutu and headband, all made with the unmistakable GlobalDance quality and packaged in a satin shoe bag for convenient multiple usage.

Available in 4 tiny sizes, we have initially produced Baby Ballet in a choice of pink, violet and pale blue and will be available to wholesale stockists and dance shops.


“When it’s still just about looking cute”
– Baby Ballet by GlobalDance

New York Style

Often a style reserved for fashionistas achieving a desired look of chic modern, New York Style in the GlobalDance vocabulary actually refers to the origin of the apparel and the way it should be worn.

Or, in this case “where” not “wear”


Baggy, street-style clothing worn for comfort, where emphasis is given to the relaxed or oversized nature of the garment are commonly observed on New York’s streets and playgrounds. It’s these common descriptions offering the same collective meaning that we use to describe our latest Bronx range.

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because a Classic is timeless

Nobody usually sets out to create a classic, but in this case we did!

It was actually the universal appeal of the classic scoop neck which provided the inspiration for our ladies fitted tee, finished with stylish side detailing in a fabric to allow for greater movement during activity.

– Contrast logo print
– Easy wash and quick drying
– 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
– Variety of classic colours


Aptly named as a classic never gets old, it is something that never goes out of style; because a Classic is timeless.

Classic Tee available for retail purchase from our online stores.

Track Appeal

Though embraced largely by many sporting communities, the track jacket became popular throughout the 90s by the dance community and was often worn as every-day fashion wear.

Through the years the simple yet versatile design ensures it is adaptable to varying styles; GlobalDance® follows that same philosophy.

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